On August 2012, PT. Garuda Nusantara Kencana was formed as a successor of previous event management company called Prestige Organizer a well-established professional event specialist that provides complete professional recruitment events solutions. It had proven itself as one of the major player in recruitment events all around Indonesia and help established its previous parent company brand as a leading brand in online recruitment industry.

Garuda team consists of dedicated personel whom had an early foothold in the professional recruitment events and shares the passion to provide customized, hassle-free, quality events to fulfill your organization's needs.

Our core values (persistency, consistency and commitment with full integrity) underpin everything we do and the way we deliver our services. We at Garuda embrace these values, both internally in the way we work within the team and across the organization, and externally in the way we add value to you as clients and jobseekers

We at Garuda understand that recruitment is an essential part of a company, regardless of the business, and our jobseekers life. We aim to provide solutions for both your company's recruitment objectives and our jobseekers expectation throughout our professional events.

Garuda Organizer offers event services with excellence quality to its clients Ranging from organizing through other event related services.
The best effects of sponsorships are achieved where there is a logical match between the sponsor and the events itself. We believe we can caters your needs

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